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Obesity in dogs and cats causes the same serious health problems that it does in humans - high blood pressure, breathing problems, diabetes, kidney disease, and joint pain. For every pound of weight, there is six times the weight pressure on the joints. This will accelerate arthritis and joint pain which in turn causes more weight gain because of inactivity.

To put things in perspective: a 100-pound Labrador retriever is roughly equivalent to a 186-pound man who is 5-foot, 4 inches tall.

It’s not easy to put a portly pet on a diet, but NOT doing so will shorten their lifespan (From a practical - more selfish - standpoint, you really don’t want to have to give daily insulin injections.)



START by putting your pet on a prescription diet. These are the best calorie restricted pet foods. Stop the treats until the desired weight loss is acquired. Increase your pet’s metabolism through excercise.

If you need help, we have three Core Life Extension products at the Center for Pet Longevity. Our Biggest Loser Contest will give you the motivation you need to start your pet’s weight loss program. If you need help, we have the Drill Sargent and the Boot Camp.

These products will ensure your pet loses that extra weight in a timely manner.

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