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A Clean Mouth
Baseline Price Option
Thorough cleaning and breath freshening.
Advanced Price Option
Thorough cleaning and breath freshening with digital x-rays.
Geriatric Price Option
Those pets older than 7 years of age. All the above with geriatric support.
Pain Management
Post Injury - Pain Management
Post Injury
Therapy for joint, neck, back and soft tissue injuries. We will quickly get your pet back on all fours.
Post-Op Rehab - Pain Management
Post-Op Rehab
Faster recovery through all rehab modalities.
Geriatric Rehab - Pain Management
Geriatric Rehab
Invigorating massage and energy realignment. Cold laser treament for joints.
Neck & Back - Pain Management
Neck & Back
Relieve the pain and inflammation of the spine with massage, C4 laser, ultra-sound, accupuncture and hyrdrotherapy.
Arthritis - Pain Management
Control the pain and invigorate your pet's life.
Muscle Building - Pain Management
Muscle Building
Intense hydro-therapy to remake the working dog.
Early Detection
Early Detection Baseline
Complete Blood Count and Full Chemistry
Early Detection Advanced Care
Advanced Care
All the above plus: thyroid test, chest, abdominal x-rays and urine analysis

$100 - $325/test

(as needed)

Option Modules
Deeper heart analysis. Hormonal Axis Analysis. More in depth liver evaluation.
Weight Control
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Biggest Loser
Sign up for the Biggest Loser Contest and have help with goals and motivation.
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Drill Sargent
Get some assitance with weight loss through out rehab center.
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Boot Camp
Let us take the stress off you and do the weight loss for your pet. Guaranteed.

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