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We all want our pets to live long, healthy lives, and we would all do just about anything to ensure that our cats and dogs can stay with us as long as possible. I aksed our team of veterinarians what 5 things are most important to extend a pet's life. This is what they said...
1. A Clean Mouth - regular dental cleanings
2. Weight Control - enough has been said on this subject. Now you need to do it!
3. Early Detection of Disease and Cancer
4. Pain Management: Strength, Endurance and Mobility
5. Spay/Neuter and Vaccinations
We took that information and started to brainstorm how we could make it easy for our clients and patients to take advantage of all these life extension actions. And so, we created medical health products and packaged them into the Center for Pet Longevity. I hope you take advantage of all this center has to offer.

Rob Santos DVM - Turlock, California

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